MoDiP works collaboratively with AUB staff and partner organisations, including schools and museums, to maximise opportunities for people to be inspired by the collection and become more informed about plastics in design.

Engagement sessions are run for students from AUB and beyond, schoolchildren, and groups within the community.  Sessions can be written by MoDiP, or co-written with teaching staff, to deliver a specific course element or class/group topic. As well as introducing the museum and online collection to new audiences, sessions use objects from the collection or handling collection as the basis of the learning experience. 

Key learning techniques practiced at MoDiP, including object-based learning and primary research, encourage students to be curious about museum objects and ask questions to further their understanding of the collection.

Inspiration from museum objects can be found in their design and shape, or their original context and setting.  Ideas can be sparked to inform pattern, purpose or colour for designers and makers as well as narrative, poems and compositions for writers and artists. 

Activities and workshops are also offered by MoDiP, engaging with audiences on a practical level.  

MoDiP works in collaboration with AUB departments including TheGallery, and with external partner organisations, to ensure content of workshops and activities delivered are appropriate, relevant and effective.

Have a look at how others have used the collection by exploring our inspiring case studies, or schools pages or use our learning resources as inspiration. For more information about booking a session, go to our access pages.

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